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the Guesthouse (Jiayuan)
Nankai Lib. of Math.
The Guesthouse (Jiayuan)
Having been approved by the former president Mr. Jiang Zeming and the National Development Planning Committee and supported by the Ministry of Finance of China, the Ministry of Education of China and the municipal government of Tianjin, the project of Shiing-Shen Building and Jiayuan Hotel was completed in October 2004 and put into use in August 2005. The building site is 17,600 square meters for the Shiing-Shen Building and 3000 square meters for Jiayuan. All together RMB 111,600,000 Yuan was invested in the project. The Shiing-Shen Building is located in the central teaching zone of Nankai University . On its east is a lawn, where the statue of Premier Zhou Enlai stands in the very centre. Inside the Shiing-Shen Building are the library, lecture halls, and more than 60 offices. Jiayuan, the guesthouse of CIM faces the Shiing-Shen Building. The dining area of Jiayuan consists of private dining rooms as well as a hall of 200 square meters. Jiayuan has over 60 guest rooms including single or double standard rooms, large and small suite and deluxe suite.

Nankai Library of Mathematics

The Nankai Library of Mathematics was established in the year 1985 when the late Professor Shiing-Shen Chern founded the Nankai Institute of Mathematics. For more than twenty years, it has received financial support from the National Educational Ministry, and donation from mathematicians home and abroad. The library is on the 3 rd to 6 th floors of the Shiing-Shen Building. With a construction area of near 4,000 square meters, it can provide more than 200 seats for the readers. Up to the end of 2004, the library collects more than 30,000 volumes of Journals and 27,000 books. The library now keeps 241 electronic journals and the AMS Mathematical Review database.
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